Grace Ramsey

About Me

I'm an emerging artist based in Moab, Utah. After spending the last ten years traveling the globe, I've started painting again.

I'm fascinated with color, movement, and texture. I like to work with limited palettes and a variety of mediums, from acrylic and latex paint to oil pastel and gouache, to metal leafs and marker. I like to make marks with unusual utensils, including string, wooden spoons, spackling tools, combs, and traditional brushes. My art is a practice in detachment. I do not set out to create an image, instead focusing on the process of mark-making, layering, and overall, improvising. What comes of this process is inspiring and comforting.

My influences include historical and contemporary artists from Toulouse-Lautrec to Agustí Puig, Pat Stier, and Ricardo Weisse.


"Ictus" - rhythmic emphasis of a word.

Ictus is inspired by the rustic sumptuousness of Carmel Valley, California. With a limited palette, what started as an attempt to capture the gestures of the trees in the valley became a rhythmic, near-performative love letter to the golden hills and winding roads of the region.

These works are made with mixed media including latex paint, acrylic medium, and gold leaf on canvas with mini sizes at 11x14" and larger pieces at 30x40"