About Me

I am an American abstract-expressionist painter based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

An art school dropout, I chose to spend over a decade working as a performing circus artist, a career that took me all over the world. It is from these exotic places that I pull my constant inspiration. My signature bold, shameless color palettes and unmistakable, sweeping line quality set my visually demanding artworks apart. My subject matter explores the rich experience of emotional narratives; the stories people tell as they process these feelings. This is achieved through scale and layers of texture as I endeavor to give a sense of largesse to these emotional experiences that many people face and are humbled by. Always concerned with presence, depth, texture, and narrative, my works bring a keen sense of emotion to viewers, evoking passionate reactions from fans and critics alike.

My influences include historical and contemporary artists from Toulouse-Lautrec to Agustí Puig, Pat Stier, and Ricardo Weisse.


"Ictus" - rhythmic emphasis of a word.

Ictus is inspired by the rustic sumptuousness of Carmel Valley, California. With a limited palette, what started as an attempt to capture the gestures of the trees in the valley became a rhythmic, near-performative love letter to the golden hills and winding roads of the region.

These works are made with mixed media including latex paint, acrylic medium, and gold leaf on canvas with mini sizes at 11x14" and larger pieces at 30x40"